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Medication Therapy Management

Are you taking lots of medications? We can gladly work with you and your provider to help you manage your medications. We can sit down with you face-to-face and make sure you are taking the right medication for the right reason at the right time. We will assess your medications with the intent to reduce unnecessary medications, simplifying doses, and providing you with education on your regimen.

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Synching your medications means getting all of your medications at one visit to THE Pharmacy. No more coming weekly unless you just want to drop in and say hello. We would love to have you visit because you are more than a number to us. You are why we exist. Getting your medications this way will help you remember to take them.

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Self-Care Consultation

At THE Pharmacy we believe in self-care! Taking care of yourself and family is a must. We will gladly help you make an over-the-counter medication selection for any of your health needs. We will also make sure these selections are compatible with other medications you may be taking.

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Our pharmacists are certified by the American Pharmacists Association to provide immunizations like annual influenza, pneumococcal (Pneumovax®, Prevnar®), shingles (Zostavax®), and other vaccines. No appointment or prescription is necessary. We accept all major insurance plans and can bill your insurance provider or Medicare Part B directly for the cost of the drug. Don’t be surprised if you see us out in the community offering flu vaccine clinics.

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Online & App Refills

Download our app on your mobile device so you can conveniently refill your medications, set reminders, or contact us for your healthcare needs.

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Accepting all insurance plans

THE Pharmacy accepts most major health insurance plans. In most cases, your co-pay will be the same as it would be at any chain pharmacy. Please contact us if you are interested in making “THE Pharmacy, Your Pharmacy Home”.

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Blood pressure monitoring

We are pleased to offer free blood pressure monitoring to all of our patients upon request. We will review your medication regimen to ensure you are taking all of your medications correctly and provide tips to keep your blood pressure under control.

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Drive-thru window

Our convenient drive-thru window is open during all business hours. We understand that your time is valuable so we aim to provide prompt service. If you’re not feeling well or don’t want to get your sick child out of the car, we will gladly serve your needs at the window.

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Private consultation room

We promise to keep your healthcare concerns and medication regimen confidential at THE Pharmacy. For that reason, we have a private, comfortable office where we can review your medications, administer vaccines, check your blood pressure, or discuss any health related concerns.