How to Talk to Your Doctor About Depression

Depression is a psychological disorder that affects many people. It is a fact that many individuals struggle to bring up the subject or even acknowledge that they have a problem with it. Therefore, make sure you know how to talk to a doctor about depression so that you and the doctor can communicate successfully andRead More

What are Superfoods and How You Can Use Them

A superfood is a food considered incredibly nutritious or otherwise beneficial to health and well-being. It is typically associated with providing enhanced nutrition beyond the basics without taking supplements. Superfoods are either nutrient-rich or low in calories. They’re packed full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that benefit our health – but because they’re notRead More

Taking Folic Acid While Pregnant – The Benefits

Many people are concerned about taking folic acid for their children because of its negative effects on their unborn babies. Folic acids are part of a pregnant woman’s natural birth control, which has negative consequences when used during the last trimester. However, folic acid can actually be beneficial to you and your baby if youRead More

Get Your Z’s: Sleeping More Can Improve Your Health

Most people on average are not getting the rest they need. Whether it’s long hours on the job or simply staying up to have fun, you can deprive your body of much-needed sleep, and that’s not good for your overall health. On average you need about seven to eight hours of rest, but it doesn’tRead More

All About Antibiotics – Learn the Truth From Experts

If you are confused as to what an antibiotic is, then you must be wondering as to what they do, how they work and whether they are good or bad for you. Well, this article will help you understand all about antibiotics so that you can be aware of what they are, how they workRead More

Sun Safety Risks That Might Surprise You

You know that you need to slather on sunscreen if you love soaking up the sun. But it’s not always easy in this modern world, and even people with a lot of sun safety sense might unintentionally expose themselves to more risk than they think. Even though many Americans are aware that we should beRead More

How to Get More Folic Acid Naturally

Today, the United States has one of the highest rates of women experiencing deficiencies in folic acid. For a growing population of pregnant women, there is a definite link between low levels of folic acid and the development of birth defects such as brain defects, cleft palate, and amniotic fluid. The recommended daily allowance ofRead More

Does Aspirin Really Help Your Heart?

Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory that can reduce your heart attack and stroke risks. This is why aspirin and other arthritis pain relievers are commonly prescribed by doctors. However, does aspirin really help your heart health? The answer depends on how it works and why.   Aspirin works by reducing the thickness of blood vessels. ItRead More

Managing Diabetes Properly

Managing diabetes is a challenge for many people, but if you are determined and willing to learn new ways to live with it, you can improve your quality of life. Managing diabetes is a lifelong commitment that you must make, but that you can certainly accomplish. Here, we will outline some tips that can helpRead More

Is Vitamin C Good For Colds?