How to Survive Allergies in the Winter

Depending on what you are allergic to, there is a chance your allergies could flare up this winter. While the air outside is crisp and free of pollen, it is possible for the air indoors to become polluted. Here are some tips to stay allergy-free while it’s cold outside. 1. Stay warm. If you useRead More

Five Easy Ways to Ease a Cold Sore

A cold sore, which is an inflamed blister that appears in or around the mouth, is an infection formed by the herpes simplex virus. While there isn’t a cure for cold sores as of yet, there are ways to help ease the pain of them when they occur. 1. Keep your hands away from yourRead More

Three Important Steps to Take This Flu Season

Despite what some may try to tell you, the flu isn’t a disease that should be taken lightly when it comes to preventative action. So many opt out on getting their flu shot each year, but with new strains appearing at a rapid pace, it’s not worth the risk. Here are three important steps toRead More

Surviving the Fall Season with Asthma

For many, autumn happens to be the most wonderful time of the year. Especially if you live in an area that takes a beating on the thermostat during the summertime! The weather is cool and there are many festive activities to partake in outside. However, there are some allergy triggers that can bother you ifRead More

How To Save On Prescriptions

In today’s world, the price of medication has become quite expensive. In fact, the rising cost of prescription drugs has been one of the main topics in the great debate of US healthcare. Thankfully, there are ways your local pharmacy can help. Here are tips to help you save money while still receiving the treatmentRead More

Tips on How to Prevent Sunburn

While summer is officially here, it doesn’t mean we have to fall victim to the painful side effect known as sunburn. Here are some tips from The Pharmacy on how you can protect your skin this season. 1. Use sunscreen. Of course, this tip should go without saying. Suggested SPF is between 15-50, depending onRead More