I know there is a lot of talk around the Monday morning water cooler, but has that conversation ever changed your life? It has for me! Jarrod Tippins asked me at a pharmacy meeting; “what have you always wanted to do in pharmacy but never got the chance to”. I said “open an amazing pharmacy where patients can come get comprehensive care and relief”. Over the next several years that conversation launched into THE Pharmacy. We are not a chain pharmacy, we are locally owned and take great pride in being patient-centered! Come see and feel the difference.

Meet the Pharmacists


Jarrod B. Tippins, PharmD

University of South Carolina (USC) College of Pharmacy
South Carolina Pharmacy Association (SCPhA) Board Member
Pee Dee Pharmacy Association President
Extensive experience in the retail/community pharmacy setting


Kelly W. Jones, PharmD, BCPS

Medical University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy
SCPhA Pee Dee Delegate
27 years experience with McLeod Family Medicine Residency Training Program