Allergies in the Winter

How to Survive Allergies in the Winter

Depending on what you are allergic to, there is a chance your allergies could flare up this winter. While the air outside is crisp and free of pollen, it is possible for the air indoors to become polluted. Here are some tips to stay allergy-free while it’s cold outside.

1. Stay warm. If you use a fireplace to stay warm during the cold days of winter, make sure the wood is being stored outside. This reduces the chances of mold and any leftover pollen from coming into your home.

2. Do a little cleaning. Dust and other irritants can easily collect during the winter due to your heating unit being used frequently. Change the filters of your heating system at least once a month until the season is over.

3. Bathe your pets. Pet dander is an issue that occurs year round, but it becomes quite a problem during the colder seasons when pets are inside more often than usual. Try to keep them confined to one area of your home and clean your carpets and furniture often. Bathing pets once a week helps keep the dander to a minimum.