Tips on How to Prevent Sunburn

While summer is officially here, it doesn’t mean we have to fall victim to the painful side effect known as sunburn. Here are some tips from The Pharmacy on how you can protect your skin this season.

1. Use sunscreen. Of course, this tip should go without saying. Suggested SPF is between 15-50, depending on your skin tone and sensitivity to sun exposure. Apply 30 minutes before going outdoors and re-apply every two hours, even more so if you’re frequently sweating or in water. Make sure you’ve covered every area of your body that is exposed; this includes your lips and ears.

2. Choose loose-fitting clothing. If you burn easily, wear loose fitting clothing that is tightly woven. This will protect your skin from UV rays. Dark colored clothing is best, as dark colors absorb UV rays.

3. Be cautious of exposure between 12PM-4PM. UV rays can be dangerous during these hours, so make sure you’re covered in a high level of SPF sunscreen should you be outside for an extended period of time during these hours.

4. Protect your eyes and head. Your scalp and eyes can fall victim to sunburn, too! Make sure you’re wearing a hat that shields your head and your shoulders (such as a sun hat), as well as sunglasses.

5. Stay away from tanning oils. While we all love a summer glow, tanning oils can be quite dangerous as most contain little to no sunscreen in them. If you insist on using them, make sure the one you’ve chosen to use has a decent level of SPF within it.

6. Stay on track with your omega-3 consumption. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consuming fish oils can provide protection against sun damage and improve your immunity towards the sun. According to a study conducted by the journal, four grams of fish oils each day can reduce suppression of the immune system caused by the sun’s rays.

7. Cut back on processed foods. Try to avoid foods with vegetable oil, soy oil, corn oil, and sugar… All of these can negatively impact the quality of your skin.

8. Incorporate antioxidant foods into your diet. These will boost your immune system and can be found in foods such as cherries, blackberries, kale, and spinach. Antioxidants help in the fight against cancer and many of these foods also have vitamin C and vitamin E, which helps reverse the aging effects of prolonged sun exposure.